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CouponSofa Is A New Library For Global Coupons

While USA has one of the largest number of shoppers who use coupons and deals, consumers in the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries are catching with this saving trend. Shoppers in these countries need a reliable source for great coupon codes they can trust. To capitalize on this trend, CouponSofa ( was launched to provide a large library of global coupons for shoppers.

To provide a unique shopping experience, CouponSofa was designed with simplicity and speed in mind as a website with a unique combination of posted coupons and crowdsourced coupon codes. Shoppers can also comment on coupons to share their opinion on the discounts. That means that shoppers can contribute their part in enhancing the overall social shopping experience. Shoppers who want a entirely great new shopping experience can visit CouponSofa today and get saving today.